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Skitty MFC Cam Girl – Exclusive Interview and Biography

By Freecams, Mar 23, 2022

Enjoy a behind-the-scenes glimpse at CAMStar Skitty, one of the hottest models currently available on Freecams! Skitty discusses how she got into camming, her high-tech streaming setup and what it’s like to be a top MFC cam model.

Skitty, Cam Girl Extraordinaire

Before getting into cams, Skitty worked as an ice cream extraordinaire (according to her résumé, she can make one hell of a delicious Sunday!). While searching online for modeling gigs, she stumbled upon MyFreeCams and gave it a try. She got started in 2014, but it wasn't until 2016 that she decided to treat camming as a full-time career rather than a hobby. That's when Skitty quit her job, get her own place, started producing her own content, and soon became the next cam girl sensation!

It took years of dedication, creativity, and hard work to build up her community to what it is today. Through trial and error, triumphs and mishaps, Skitty established a solid reputation as one of the top performers on Freecams.

Camming allows Skitty to express herself how she wants without outside pressure or interference. More importantly, it grants her the freedom to do what she feels will work best for her business. Regardless of how crazy some of her ideas might sound, Skitty can always rely on her chatroom to support and inspire her every step of the way, every night, without fail.

High-Quality Cam Shows

Skitty's shows are nothing if not entertaining. They involve a lot of chatting and different types of fun games. For example, you might catch Skitty blindfolded or playing the cowbell. Her erotic shows are called "Erotic Nude Performances" and they're every bit as good as they sound. After all the goals are cleared, Skitty puts on the best possible performance with a different theme for each night.

Though non-explicit, Skitty does get nude on webcam, but in a way that shows her body from an artistic perspective. During any random show, you might find Skitty pole dancing or playing with her smoke machine while pouring oil over her naked body. It took years of testing to develop and perfect her live sex camming routine. To this day, however, she is still very spontaneous and prefers to go with the flow. Contrary to popular belief, Skitty never rehearses! Every day is an adventure where day she decides what to do as she goes.

Next Level In-Home Studio

Skitty's shows are visually more befitting of a stage performance than your typical "bedroom" setup. To attain such high quality, Skitty converted her garage into an in-home studio furnished with the top luxury tools her trade: aerial rig, curtains, dance pole, Led lights, DSLR cameras, and even a kickass smoke machine! Every gadget in her room has a purpose. All the pieces work together like a sexy, finely-tuned instrument.

Skitty's in-house studio is modern, expensive, and highly sophisticated. Production-wise her streams are on the level of music shoots and commercial videos. If you're looking for high-quality live sex cam shows, this is it! You can tell that a lot of work goes into every performance.

Despite her shows' amazing technical quality, it's Skitty's friendly personality, cute smile, and easy laugh that keeps fans glued to the screen and coming back for more! Being ridiculous sexy doesn't hurt either!

Skitty's Personal Side

Skitty feels grateful to camming for helping her grow into a completely different and better person. Though always outgoing and confident, camming made her feel even stronger, more confident, and more independent than ever. The cam modeling profession helped her learn a lot, such as how to present herself in a way where her sexuality can be used for empowerment and success.

Skitty is originally from California. The three things she loves most are puppies, Lady Gaga, and ice cream. Her favorite ice cream flavor is Rocky Road.

Skitty lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.