Gracie Haze And Hempley Jones
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Gracie Haze And Hempley Jones Light It Up On MFC

By Freecams, Mar 23, 2022

Gracie Haze and Hempley Jones are two smoking-hot cam models that love to smoke bud on webcam – and right now they’re tearing it up on MFC! Here’s the story of how these two lovely, artistic girls hooked up together, who they are on a personal level and what they’re capable of in their live shows.

Gracie Haze was born and raised in a small town north of Toronto, Canada. Hempley Jones is from the mountains of Seattle, Washington. Before becoming adult cam models, Gracie Haze worked for a while as a bartender and was also a student. Hempley Jones worked as a licensed massage therapist.

In January, 2019, Gracie and Hempley met on an elevator at the AVN Show in Las Vegas. It was a chance encounter, completely random, and one that helped shape and launch their careers. Since then, they’ve taken the cam porn industry by storm.

They’re connection is indeed deep. Though they live far apart (on opposite coasts), Gracie Haze and Hempley Jones always find time to put on hot weed shows for their numerous fans across the globe. Members can catch them getting stoned, stripping naked, showing off their magnificent bodies and much more!

Their MFC cam shows can be described as chill hangouts with friends. The two girls can be seen relaxing, chatting and smoking weed on webcam, all while interacting with members. It’s super fun even if you’re not a stoner. The atmosphere is very laid back, sexy and chill. Good vibes all around.

If there’s two things these girls love it’s smoking weed and eating bacon. And who can blame them? When it comes to types of marijuana, Gracie Haze has mentioned she particularly enjoys sativa while working since it makes her more energetic and happy. Her favorite strain is Super Lemon Haze, and yes, that’s where her stage name comes from. Gracie has also used CBD for medical purposes and experienced excellent results.

Gracie Haze’s preferred smoking method is through a bong, and you’ll frequently catch her taking huge bong rips on camera. Hempley Jones, on the other hand, doesn’t have a particular preference. She enjoys bongs, joints, dabs. It’s all good!

What makes their performance stand out is their natural ability to enjoy themselves and bring their passion for marijuana to the screen. Their job gives them the freedom to be who they really want to be, and allows them to learn from others as well as have others learn from them. More than anything, it provides them with a way to introduce complete strangers to their own secret little world.

When they’re not camming, Gracie Haze enjoys reading, hanging out with her dog, hot yoga, baking and dancing. She also loves to watch anime all day long. Hempley Jones is a huge fan of backpacking and camping in the mountains. Oh, did we mention they also like to smoke weed?