Emily Tokes, a sexy weed-smoking cam model
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Emily Tokes, a sexy weed-smoking cam model

By Freecams, Apr 01, 2022

Emily Tokes is a natural-born entertainer who can be found on FreeCams.com doing naked bong rips, singing, dancing, sharing her love of pizza, Harry Potter and doing butt stuff while fans from all over the world watch and cheer on! Cheerful, energetic and with a positive attitude, Emily Tokes has made a name for herself over the last three years as one of the hottest and most popular models on MFC and the entire webcam industry.

Born in North York, Ontario, Canada, Emily worked as bartender before becoming a cam model. At first she did it for pocket money but soon realized she could turn camming into a successful and lucrative career. Emily admits that camming has helped her reach a new level of confidence she never had before. Thanks to her live performances, today she sees herself as a strong and beautiful woman who can do anything she puts her mind to.

Why does her community love her performances? Because they can feel she’s one hundred percent real. Not much preparation goes into her shows. It’s all carefree, fun and spontaneous, depending entirely on the mood of the chat room audience at that specific moment. Whatever feels hot, that’s what she does! Signing is one of her favorite things to do on cam, so expect to see a lot of that, especially after she’s blazed up and had few shots.

But what Emily Tokes enjoys most about camming is the freedom and flexibility it gives her to choose her own work hours. Being able to decide whether or not to “go to work” has done wonders for her mental health. As someone who loves being able to express her emotions, whether they’re of happiness, sadness, distraught or anger, she loves never having to hide how she truly feels. Nonetheless, Emily tries to keep her chat rooms positive and upbeat, a place where anyone can come to unwind and relax.

In case you’re wondering, Vodka is Emily Tokes’ favorite alcoholic beverage. As for her favorite kind of weed, it’s probably a hybrid, though she’s been known to enjoy a heavy indica after a long day of work. But her favorite strain is one called “Booger” which she typically smokes in a bong, but joints are nice, too, especially in the summertime. Her sexy body is adorned by several colorful tattoos. The first tattoo she ever got was a tribal interpretation of her zodiac sign, Virgo, on her right hip.

Top positive trait: Reliability. Emily likes to think people can count on her and she’s always willing to help someone in need.

Top negative trait: Over-thinking. She can easily convince herself that the worst possible scenario is also the most likely.

So what’s next for Emily Tokes? In 2020 she plans to enroll in post-secondary education and prepare herself to start her own esthetician and make-up business. Meanwhile, however, you can catch her on FreeCams.com putting on the hottest weed-smoking shows in adult cams.