ChloeRosee, the Curvy Camstar from Canada!
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Flavor the Month Model: ChloeRosee, the Curvy Camstar from Canada!

By Freecams, Mar 23, 2022

FreeCams introduces Flavor of the Month cam girl ChloeRosee, a Canadian chick with long blonde hair and a juicy big ass. Known for her creative shows, sexy lingerie, tattoos and pole-dancing skills, ChloeRosee is one of the most ambitious and loveliest MFC models we’ve seen in a long time.

AVN Camstar Chloe Rosee: Rise to Fame

ChloeRosee is a stunning Canadian cam girl with brown hair and hazel eyes. Her fame on MyFreeCams can be attributed to her girl-next-door look, her juicy big ass, and her insane twerking skills. What’s more, her pole-dancing abilities are on par with professional strippers. Formerly a junior publicist for a PR agency in Los Angeles, ChloeRosee also ran a barbershop in Vancouver before she became a full time MFC model in 2018.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, ChloeRosee has been living in Los Angeles for the last four years. Before dedicating herself completely to cam modeling, ChloeRosee worked several full-time jobs. At one point, she was working 50 hours a week running a barbershop and camming on the side. Needing to make more money, Chloe came upon a friend’s cam account on Twitter by pure chance. Her friend answered her numerous questions regarding the camming business and helped her set up a profile. That same day they did their first live cam show together.

According to Chloe, the experience she has gained as a cam girl has helped her grow both personally and professionally. Camming has given her the opportunity to live her life independently, freely and on her own terms. Along the way, she’s learned a great deal about discipline, work ethic and entrepreneurship – the essential skills a person needs to run a business. Indeed, if there’s one thing camming has taught ChloeRosee, it’s that she was born to be her own boss. She cannot have it any other way.

Building her community on MyFreeCams

Slowly, over time, ChloeRosee built up her community of followers on MyFreeCams to a considerable and respectable size. After four-and-half-years on MFC, Chloe is proud to have loyal members who’ve stuck with her from the very start, people who care about her and her personal life. Her camming community includes not only fans but also the friendships she’s established with other cam models, which she considers one of the best perks of her profession.

As for her camming style, ChloeRosee likes to add a nostalgic 70’s vibe to her room on MyFreeCams. Truly, it feels like a throwback to the disco era. Imagine, if you will, walking into a strip club in 1975 and meeting all your favorite rock stars, smoking weed and hanging out with hot girls. That’s ChloeRosee’s room.

Chloe Rosee’s personal life off camera

Outside of camming, ChloeRosee loves tailoring. What’s more, she has taught herself to make her own clothes and loves to have fun with her sewing machine whenever she has time. Additionally, ChloeRosee is an amateur DJ who has performed several times at bars in Los Angeles. She doesn’t take it seriously, however; it’s more about sharing her favorite music with others.

Conversely, ChloeRosee is a pole dancing fanatic who is constantly trying to improve her skills. She considers it a major physical and emotional outlet and one of her biggest passions in life. She began six years ago, taking classes in Vancouver. Later, after a friend gave her a dance pole as a present, she installed it in her apartment and never looked back.

ChloeRosee describes her personality as confident, loyal and empathetic. What she loves most in life are cooking, dinosaurs and her cat, Bubbles. Her biggest strength is being a great friend to those she cares about. Her biggest professional achievement was posing for a Penthouse spread in 2018.