Cute Canadian Cam Girl Alex Athena
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Cute Canadian Cam Girl Alex Athena on FreeCams “Flavor of the Month”

By Freecams, Mar 23, 2022

Introducing AVN Camstar Alex Athena, a cute Canadian model with natural tits and a delicious curvy body. In this Freecams interview, Alex Athena discusses her background and personal life. She talks about how she got into camming and her plans for the future.

AlexAthena MFC Cam Girl

AlexAthena has earned the loyalty of her fans by being authentic. In her room you might find her playing War, doing Vodka shots, listening to Justin Bieber, or spanking her firm and perfectly round ass. No matter how she chooses to entertain, AlexAthena always keeps her interactions genuine and original, treating her space on MFC like a party room. Indeed, over the years she has established a strong bond with her regulars. They are, in essence, her anchor in a chaotic business that’s constantly shifting gears.

A former administrative assistant (aka secretary), Alex earned a degree in Media at the age of twenty. Later on she enjoyed a short-lived career in modeling. These days, however, AlexAthena works as a different kind of model, one that allows her total artistic freedom and creativity. And the best part is, when things get boring or stale, it’s up to her to come up with ways to improve her performances.

Luckily, the quarantine has hardly affected AlexAthena. She loves spending time at home! Having moved into her new place days before the shutdown, she embraced the situation as an opportunity to unpack and get things organized. Working from home and being online most of the day means she rarely has time to go outside anyway. With a baby and a full-time camming job, her schedule is always busy.

Life Before MyFreeCams

Before becoming a full-time cam girl on MyFreeCams, AlexAthena worked as a secretary for five years, occupying positions at several legal companies. During this time, she proved to herself she was a hard worker with drive and dedication. After graduating from college at the age of twenty with a B.A. in Media, Alex quickly realized how difficult it was to break into the entertainment business. So difficult, in fact, that she couldn’t even land an internship. Something had to give.

Frustrated, AlexAthena moved to Japan to teach English, but returned to Canada after only a year due to the 2011 natural disaster. She immediately found herself back in the corporate world, working full time in an office, but eventually got tired of that life. Her dream had always been to become an actress/model, and she began auditioning for modeling gigs on the side. It was around this time when she first came across an online ad for webcam modeling. After thoroughly researching the industry, Alex discovered MyFreeCams adult webcam community. The rest, as they say, is history.

Personality, hobbies and aspirations

AlexAthena is a non-explicit MFC model whose live sex shows can be described as sweet, sexy and spontaneous. She enjoys telling funny stories, sharing her musical tastes, and playing games. At any moment you can find her taking shots, spanking her butt or listening to Bieber.

A self-proclaimed movie buff, Alex enjoys all types of film genres, but her favorite is horror. In fact, researching what goes into making a horror movie was what motivated her to begin studying media. She is also a music lover who enjoys Canadian artists such as Shania Twain and Justin Bieber. Her favorite band is Muse.

Her current quarantine hobbies include sitting in her hot tub and drinking cold beer, writing, and spending time with her son. Three words that describe her personality would be feisty, sarcastic and gracious. She considers herself a truly determined woman who does not give up easily, no matter how difficult the task. Her greatest achievement is the silver crown she won on MFC.

As for the future, AlexAthena wants to travel around the world to exotic locations and take beautiful and inspiring photos. Hopefully, she’ll one day earn the #1 Miss MFC award and receive the gold crown.